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Integrated Management System Policy

Guided by the vision that through insurance we improve people’s lives by managing and mitigating the risks to which they are exposed, we are committed to creating new values and care about the future and life of our clients and employees. In this way we influence the quality of their lives, their security and wealth. The key to our development is the reliability, efficiency and compliance with contractual obligations. By creating simpler and smarter solutions, we seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We aim to facilitate mutual cooperation, increase customer satisfaction and become their first choice and leading company in the area of personal insurance.

The Integrated Management System (ISM) policy is in line with the Generali Strategy, which is based on three pillars:

  • Profitable growth
  • Capital management and financial optimization
  • Innovation and digital transformation

The goal of DUDPF is to improve the Company's business processes, improve the quality of services and increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy, which forms an integral part of the company’s business policy, links all the elements of our business operations into a comprehensive management system, with an aim to meet the requirements of all interested parties, improve business operations and realize business objectives in line with the company’s vision.

Principles of the IMS Policy:

  • Improved quality of services based on compliance with the law, regulations and standards and on flexibility for compliance with customer requirements and needs in order to increase their satisfaction.
  • Innovation as the basis of competitiveness of our services, with constant investments in technology and personnel;
  • Competences of all employees;
  • Protection of the environment and compliance with relevant legislation;
  • Protection of health and safety at work through the provision of safe and healthy working conditions, in order to prevent injuries and damage to health related to work, meet legal requirements, eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks, continuous improvement with consultation and participation of workers and workers' representatives;
  • Improving energy efficiency based on continuous improvement of energy performance, providing necessary information and resources for achieving goals, procurement of energy efficient products and respecting relevant legislation;
  • Improving the balance between private and business life;
  • Business atmosphere based on cooperation, trust, partnership relations, a sense of affiliation to the company, high ethical standards and inclusion of employees into the creation and improvement of business processes and services.

We operate in accordance with the laws on personal data protection and trade secret protection, all in accordance with ISO 27001 certificate.

With the adoption of the Integrated Management System Policy, the Policy of Dealing with Complaints of Insurance Service Users becomes its integral part. General and specific objectives have been determined by the Company management and stem from the Policy.

The Policy is available to insurance beneficiaries and other interested parties.The Policy establishes and implements the procedure of expedient and efficient resolution of complaints, which includes the readiness to respond, objectivity, and focus on continuous improvement of the complaint handling procedure.

For the purpose of implementation of the complaint handling system, we have established four responsibilities, which are as follows:

  • responsibilities of persons authorized to receive complaints,
  • responsibilities of persons authorized to handle complaints,
  • responsibilities of complaint management representatives, and
  • responsibilities of internal verifiers – auditors.

The Policy also defines a discrimination-free procedure for handling complaints received from insurance beneficiaries.

All employees are obliged to get acquainted with the Integrated Management System Policy and therein the Policy of Dealing with Complaints, to apply and improve those policies, and to be aware of their roles in relation to the complaint handling procedure. Their work activities must not impair the image of Generali Osiguranje Srbija in the market.