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Business continuity management system policy

Guided by the vision that through insurance we improve people’s lives by managing and mitigating the risks to which they are exposed, here at Generali Osiguranje Srbija we are committed to creating new values and care about the future and life of our clients and employees. We aim to ensure the continuity of business operations, facilitate mutual cooperation, increase customer satisfaction and become their first choice and leading company in the area of personal insurance.

The Business Continuity Management System Policy, which constitutes an integral part of the company’s business policy, aims to ensure continuous availability of its key services and resources in order to meet the requirements of all interested parties, improve business operations and realize business objectives in line with the company’s vision. With this in mind, we have established the following principles of the Business Continuity Management System Policy:

  • Meet all requirements of the ISO 22301 standard – Business Continuity Management System
  • Make sure that company’s business operations comply with legal regulations and guidelines
  • Continue to improve the Company’s business continuity management

Objectives of the Business Continuity Management System are as follows:

  • To identify and manage events that may cause disruption of key business processes,
  • To minimize the impact of events that may cause business disruptions through systemic planning and recovery of key business processes

All employees are obliged to get acquainted with the Business Continuity Management System Policy, to apply and improve that policy, and to be aware of their roles in relation to managing and maintaining business continuity.


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