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  • We provide all types of life and non-life insurance:
    • from mass risk insurance (mandatory car insurance and accident insurance) to insurance of highly complex industrial plants,
    • from simple family insurance to contracts which meet complex needs of companies.
  • We offer a wide range of products and services:
    • If you travel abroad as a tourist or on business, our program of international travel insurance will provide you support in all adverse situations
    • If you want to protect your vehicle, motor vehicle insurance will provide you with superior service, quality and speed in dealing with claims;
    • If you are an agricultural producer, protect your goods from the effects of natural disasters which may threaten your yields;
    • If you mean well to yourself and your family, investment in life insurance will provide you capital for carefree old age and financial security of your family;
    • If health is your priority, choose our voluntary health insurance and provide fast, quality and efficient medical care for you and for your family;
    • If you have a house or a flat, with minimum investments you can provide complete insurance for the space where you live and for your loved ones;
    • If you want to motivate your employees, provide them with additional benefits through life insurance, voluntary health insurance and accident insurance and thus improve your business operations;
    • If you own a small, medium or large enterprise, insure your property in time in order to avoid losses and ensure secure and successful business operations;
    • If you are thinking about the future, invest in voluntary pension fund and provide yourself with additional source of income for a comfortable old age.
  • We offer good business solutions in the area of insurance to large companies, medium and small enterprises and public institutions in all areas of business.
  • We are recognized for our efficiency in payment of damages.
  • We offer innovative life and non-life insurance products, as well as the insurance of agriculture and households, in the areas of great importance for citizens and the country’s economic development in general.
  • Increased quality of services in accordance with the strategy of the Generali Group – putting clients in the centre of everything we do.

Through corporate social responsibility, we inform citizens and businesses of advantages of modern forms of life and business insurance.